3 Easy Rules for Bounce House Safety

Having a bounce house at a party elevates any party from being a casual event to being something kids will talk about long after the party is over. To help make sure that everyone keeps talking about how fun the bounce house was at your party, here are 3 simple rules to follow to ensure bounce house safety.

1. Supervision

Too many parents make the mistake of renting a bouncy house, setting it up, and then leaving the bounce house completely unsupervised by adults. This is a huge NO-NO, and is a recipe for disaster. A bouncy house should NEVER be operated without a supervisor present.

Supervision is extremely important, and in fact is a requirement here at Let’s Jump Utah. We make all of our renters sign an agreement which says that they will supervise during the use of any of our inflatables. With a supervisor in place, safety rules can be enforced in order to keep everyone jumping happily.

Since kids rarely get hurt by the bouncy house itself, a supervisor can help to reduce the risks kids impose to each other by adhering to the safety guidelines listed on the outside of the inflatable.

2. Weight and Height

Each bouncy house is rated differently when it comes to the height and weight of each rider. Make sure to know the maximum weight and height the unit allows (these maximums are usually listed right on the bouncy house) so that you can know who you should and shouldn’t allow within the bouncy house.

It is also important to not allow a mix of children of varying heights and weights within the bouncy house. Having children of varying heights and weights increases the risk of children hurting each other within the unit. For example, toddlers should play in one bouncy house while older children should play in a second bouncy house, these two age groups of kids should not play together within the same bouncy house.

3. Weather

While every bouncy house should be tethered to the ground via stakes, inclement weather can arise unexpectedly.

Inclement weather is defined as rain, hail, thunderstorms, snow, and any winds above 20 mph. If these conditions arise, evacuate and deflate the bouncy house immediately.


By following these 3 easy rules, you can help to make your next party a bouncing success. Have more questions regarding bounce house safety? Here at Let’s Jump Utah, we take safety very seriously and have drafted up answers to the most commonly asked questions when it comes to renting a bouncy castle. Check them out here.


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