5 Things to Remember When Supervising a Bouncy House

If you are planning a party with a bounce house rental in Utah, chances are you will most likely be the supervisor keeping all the kiddos in check. To help you in your supervising duties, we have compiled a list of 5 things to remember when monitoring the bounce house at your next party.

1. The Buck Stops With You

The supervisors main job is to ensure the safety of the riders as they play in, enter, and exit the bounce house. This means that the supervisors full attention should be given to the inflatable and its riders at all times since it is the supervisor who is ultimately responsible for everyone’s safety. Don’t be afraid to stop riders that are tampering with the bounce house or behaving in such a way as to make the inflatable dangerous for other riders.

2. Explain the Rules

Before anyone enters the inflatable, the rules should clearly be explained to the riders before entry. Instruct the riders to remove shoes, keys, glasses, necklaces, earrings, or any other sharp object that may impose harm to another child or the inflatable itself. Make sure that kids are properly dressed and wear socks while playing within the bounce house.

If the inflatable is to be used in dry conditions only, riders who are wet should not be allowed on the bounce house. To put it simply, strictly enforce the Safety Rules listed on the inflatable at all times.

3. Observe Riders at All Times

As we all know, kids have a tendency to get a bit rowdy and defiant. Any riders who are not obeying the safety rules should be warned once, and then asked to exit the inflatable if they do not comply.

4. Height, Weight and Age Matter

Riders should be separated and grouped by height and weight. It’s also important to note that kids of widely different ages should not use the bounce house together at the same time as it can increase the risk of injury.

5. Be Aware of Climbing Surfaces

If the bouncy house rental in Utah you are using has a climbing surface or a slide, make sure that one rider climbs or slides at a time. This will ensure safety and minimize the risk of riders colliding with each other.


By following these 5 reminders, you can be the best bounce house supervisor possible at your next party. Don’t be afraid to take the role of Supervisor seriously as safe kids = happy kids, and that’s what truly matters.

Looking for more information when it comes to safely operating an inflatable? If so, check out our Safety Instruction Agreement we provide all of our customers looking to rent a bounce house in Ogden, Salt Lake City or Layton.


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