Our Story

kyleeprofileIn 2013, I was determined to make my daughter’s 3rd birthday party one that our friends and family would remember.  In order to do this, I wanted to have something at the party that would instantly put a smile on every kid’s face and that would entertain them for hours – a bouncy house.

Little did I know what I was getting into when searching for a well-kept bouncy house rental in Utah. I was shocked at the amount of sketchy looking websites online. None of them made me feel comfortable enough to order, nor did they make it easy for me to see if the inflatable I wanted was even available on the date I was planning for without having to call and talk to every single establishment.  This was extremely time consuming and frankly, a bit annoying.

Another concern I had was the amount of time that I could rent an inflatable for.  Many establishments gave me the option to rent a bouncy house for a particular time frame, typically a few hours, which took away the flexibility I wanted when planning my party. This basically forced me to plan my party around the available rental hours of the bouncy castle combo I had selected, instead of being able to just go with the flow (so-to-speak) which is more my style. Anyone that has kids knows that things rarely happen just the way you plan them. 🙂

Long story short, I did eventually find a bouncy castle which was a total hit at my daughter’s party, but I was surprised at how much work I had to do in order to make it happen. After the party was over, I talked about the issues I experienced with finding a bouncy house with some fellow moms only to find out that they had also experienced many of the same frustrations.

Motivated to create a better all-around experience for renting an inflatable, Let’s Jump Utah was born. I’m happy to say that we have indeed created a better way to rent a bouncy house in Utah – and we’ve made it affordable to.

Our intelligent online booking system shows you at-a-glance information about whether or not our inflatables are available on the date you are planning for – no need to pick up the phone! (Although you are more than welcome to give us a call if you would like.)

The inflatables are new and are cleaned regularly so that they will complement and enhance any party.  We also give you the planning flexibility you need by letting you have the inflatable for the ENTIRE day! This allows you to plan the bouncy house around your party, not the other way around.

I’m thrilled to offer you the ease of use that our online system provides and look forward to helping you knock your next party out of the park with one of our high-quality inflatable rentals in Utah. – Kylee Secrist, Mom Advocate