Best Ways to Monitor Kids in a Utah Bounce House

When you get a Bounce House Rental in Utah for your child’s birthday party, you probably realize it will keep them entertained for hours.  Kids can bounce out all of their pent up energy and have a blast while doing it. Often, the kids will start bursting from the seams the second they see the big inflatable rental and you’ll have to do all you can to keep them around long enough for cake and presents!

Because a Bounce House Rental in Layton, Salt Lake City or Ogden can be the party’s main attraction there are some things you will want to make sure you do to make sure the kids stay safe and have a great time.  Here are a few great tips on how to monitor your kids when using a Utah bouncy house rental.

1. Set Clear Rules

This is one of the most important things you can do to help your kids avoid injury and play nice together.  It’s not enough that only you know the rules of the bounce house rental when you go to pick it up, but you need to pass that info on to your kids so it’s at least in the back of their minds.  Obviously they may not remember all of the rules, but it can’t hurt to try!  Here are some of the basics (these are also sewn onto the front of the bounce house):

  • Only 5 people jumping at one time
  • Jumpers should be about the same weight/size (under 150 pounds)
  • Adult supervision at all times
  • Remove shoes and sharp objects
  • No food or drink in the unit


2. Organize the Jumping (as best you can)

While kids will be kids, it still is important to do your best to organize the jumping.  If you let every kid get in there all at once, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Too many energetic bodies in a small place equals crying kids.  Here are a couple ways you might do this:

  • One of the best ways to manage the kids is to assign the kids into groups of 5.  Give them a badge, a number, or a color to help keep them separate.  Let each group jump for 20 minutes non-stop and then switch groups. If you’ve got other activities going on at the party, this is a great way to let the kids balance their time.
  • Another idea is to break up the bigger kids from the smaller kids and split the time that way.  Let the bigger kids jump for a little while and then switch it out for the smaller tikes.

3. Assign an Attendant

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to assign an attendant to watch the kids while they play.  Since the Layton bounce house rental has mesh sides, you can easily look inside and watch the kids to make sure everything is going ok.  You can have parents or older kids take shifts, just making sure that no more than 5 kids at a time are jumping and to make sure they take off their shoes and don’t bring anything into the bounce house that might cause issues.

With these 3 simple bounce house safety tips, you can make sure your birthday party goes off without a hitch!  Contact Let’s Jump Utah today to reserve your bounce house rental in Layton, Ogden or Salt Lake!


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