Bounce House Rentals aren’t Just for Birthdays

Bounce House Rentals for Every Occasion

It’s no secret that bouncy house rentals are usually synonymous with birthday parties. Kids love them and parents love that their kids will be entertained for hours without having to plan 10 versions of “pin the tail on the donkey”! That being said, birthday parties are not the only time where an inflatable rental can be utilized.

Here are some other events where you might consider renting a bounce house rental in Layton:



Weddings are one of the most special events in our lives. We spend so much time planning every little detail that we may forget that in the end, it’s about having a good time and celebrating the day (and the people) involved. Sometimes, it can be hard for people with kids to attend a wedding.  Or, if they decide to bring the kids, there isn’t much to keep them entertained and they end up needing to leave early. A bounce house rental in Davis County is a great way to keep the kids at the wedding occupied and having fun so the adults can celebrate a special, life-changing decision.

Family Reunions

What better way to celebrate the entire family than with a bounce house rental? Have all the parents pitch in 5 or 10 bucks and you can have a bounce house blown up all day long to keep the kids busy.  Parents can enjoy the cousins playing and bonding together while sipping on cold drinks and enjoying a barbecue.

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Neighborhood Get-Togethers

Who doesn’t love a get-together with friends and neighbors? All you need is a park, an electrical outlet, and a bunch of neighborhood friends to be able to rent a bounce house for your next neighborhood party. Bounce house rentals in Layton don’t require any additional electricity other than your typical outdoor outlet, meaning you can expand your horizons when thinking of where a big inflatable could be stationed.

Church Activities

If you attend a church that has a gymnasium that can be reserved, then this can be the perfect place to set up an indoor bounce house in Layton. This means that you can literally rent a bounce house throughout the entire year and not just in the warmer months!  Whether you are looking to rent a bounce house in Davis County for a youth activity, or just want an indoor location for a private party, this could be a great option.

Open House

What better way to attract potential buyers to your home than with a large bounce house in the front yard!  The kids can enjoy it while mom and dad get to actually get a good look at the property. Your bounce house rental in Syracuse might end up having a really nice ROI. 🙂

Grand Openings

In the same vein as the “open house” idea, attract customers to your business’s grand opening with a bounce house in Layton! People are always attracted by things that can distract their kids and give them a break for a few minutes, so it’s worth a shot. You’ll be able to have some quality time with potential customers and their kids will love them for it.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you are in the Ogden, Salt Lake or Davis County area, give us a call at Let’s Jump Utah to rent a bounce house for your next big event!


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