Bounce Your Way To Fun in Ogden, UT

As a parent, I know that planning a child’s birthday party can be an absolute headache.  Having to come up with a list of who to invite, creating invitations, making a dessert and planning a fun activity for all the guests can be enough to cause any parent to want to just nix the whole event altogether.

But before you do that, just know that when it comes to providing an activity for the party, we’ve got you covered with our bounce house rental in Ogden.

Isn’t It About…Time?

Ogden, UT is a fantastic place with lots of fun things to do.  But planning a kid party at the Union Station or at Pineview Dam can be a ton of extra work that most parents just don’t have time for.

For parents who want to have an amazing party, but don’t have an endless supply of time, nothing is easier than renting a bounce house in Ogden for your next party.

While we as parents come up with some pretty elaborate parties for our kids, most of this goes unappreciated as the only things they remember from the party are the things that they had fun doing.  Kids could care less about the decorations or even the dessert, but one thing they won’t forget is what they got to DO at the party.

Renting a bounce house in Ogden is one of the easiest ways to ensure that every kid who attends your party will remember it for years to come. A bounce house is like the holy grail of fun things to do as kids get to play with their friends in a whole new environment that they don’t get to experience everyday.

Often I hear parents who rent a bounce house here in Ogden tell me that they would never have another kid party without a bounce house because of how much the kids loved it and how many hours it entertained them for.

Party Planning Flexibility

Unlike our competitors, all of our rentals are for the entire day that you rent them for.  For example, if you rent a bounce house in Ogden on a Thursday, you can pick it up Thursday morning, and drop it off Thursday night.

Being able to have the bounce house for the full day makes party planning a breeze as you don’t have to plan the party “around the bounce house” because you can have it all day!

Our full day rentals are also perfect for those last-minute parties as it provides more flexibility and makes it easier for you to get the party planned.

Renting Is Easy

Here at Let’s Jump Utah, we have spent quite a bit of time to make sure that renting a bounce house is an easy and hassle-free experience.  One of the things that helps us to ensure that this is the case is our easy-to-use online booking system, which no other competitor offers.

Our booking system allows you to see available rental dates at-a-glance and allows you to book right from our website without you having to call around or trust that the person you talked to on the phone will really reserve your date.

Once you book a date on our system, it blocks it out so that no-one else can book on that day, thus securing your date so that you can plan your party with confidence.

Pickup and Drop Off

In order to offer our customers a discounted price and to make our bounce house rentals one of the best deals around, all of our bounce house rentals in Ogden, SLC and Provo are pickup only.

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But don’t let this bounce house burrito scare you as it is easy to transport in any truck, van, or SUV, and we’ll help you load it up!

We provide you with everything you will need to safely operate the bounce house which includes the blower, hand-truck, 100 ft extension cord, tarp, stakes and a mallet.

Setting up the bounce house is simple and your kids will be bouncing their way to fun within minutes.

Book Now and Secure Your Date

So what are you waiting for?  Book online now to make your party planning this summer even easier.

We offer 3 convenient locations which include Ogden, SLC and Provo, so head on over to our store and pick the location and date that work best for you.

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