Have a question regarding our Utah bounce house rental products/services?  Get your answer below:

Unlike our competitors, you can pay for the entire unit online when making your reservation rather than calling for availability over the phone and sending in a deposit. We ensure the easiest online booking of any other bounce house company in Utah. Please note that payment must be received in advance for a reservation to be made.

We accept all major Credit Cards or you can pay with a PayPal account.

If you cancel 48 hours prior to your event, we’ll issue you a full refund. If you do need to cancel, please contact us. See our Policies page for more information on cancellations.

Since you’ll pay for the entire bouncy house up front, no deposit is required. However, if you fail to cancel your reservation 48 hours prior to your event, a $25 penalty fee will be kept since the chances of us being able to rent out a unit again for that day are very low.

Yes. An electric blower will be provided with the bounce house rental that needs to be on the entire time in order to keep the house inflated. You’ll need to plug the blower into a standard household outlet (110v) that is within 100’ of the unit. We will provide an extension cord you can use. 

It depends on the park. Some parks have electrical outlets that can be utilized, others do not. Also, some parks require that you make reservations, so make sure to plan all of the accommodations beforehand. If a park does not have electricity, you’ll need to use a generator. 

Yes and no. We expect there to be some normal wear and tear on our units and for that you are not responsible. Some seams may start to appear on the high traffic areas of the inflatable over time and we would appreciate you letting us know so we can fix it going forward. On the other hand, if there is damage done to the units because of negligence or a failure to follow safety rules and guidelines, then you will be responsible. Depending on the damages, you’ll be responsible for amounts up to the replacement of the blower and bouncy house unit, which could end up being thousands of dollars. Please follow all safety rules so that this does not become an issue 

This depends on the unit. For the EZ Castle Combo (which is what we currently have in stock), there should only be 5 kids similar in weight in there at a time. Please supervise and be aware of how many kids are in the Bounce House at all times to reduce the chances of damage being done to the unit and to also avoid injuries to the participants. 

This also depends on the unit. For the EZ Castle Combo, no one over 150 lbs. should get in the unit. There is also a minimum height rule of 32” and a maximum height rule of 60” for people entering this unit. 

No! While there are some “wet” units out there that can be rented, we currently only have “dry” inflatable units that are not to be used with water. 

Wind over 20 mph is considered "unsafe" for Bounce House operation. If windy weather arises the morning of your event, we will refund you your entire deposit. See our bad weather policy on our policies page for more information. If unexpected windy weather of 20 mph or more occurs during your event, take down the inflatable unit immediately. 

Yes! Let’s Jump Utah regularly cleans and sanitizes our units to ensure that your children have a clean, healthy and safe environment to jump around in. 

Yes. When you come to pick up the inflatable unit, you’ll be given a few forms/waivers to sign to show you understand the safety guidelines and accept responsibility for the unit and the participants. We will gladly go over these with you so there is no confusion. 

Currently, we do not. All of our Bouncy House units are “Pick-up” only. We have two locations (one in Ogden and one in Salt Lake City) where the inflatables can be picked up and used all day for your event. You’ll be responsible for bringing a vehicle large enough to load up and haul the unit to the event. A truck or van is preferred. We will help you to load the bouncy house into your vehicle, but you’ll likely need help to move the bouncy house to your desired location. Remember, bouncy houses are heavy (around 300 pounds)! It is suggested that a minimum of 3 adults help with the setup and take down of each unit to avoid injury. We also provide a dolly for easy transportation once the unit is on the ground.