Five Fun Games to Play in a Bounce House!

It’s no secret that every kid loves playing on a bounce house. The idea of jumping around on a 20 ft. balloon is enough to get any kid excited! Inflatable rentals are quickly becoming a staple at most birthday parties, luaus, company parties, school events, and grand openings – and for good reason! Bounce houses in Utah provide a spot for the kids to collaborate and play together while the parents get some much needed rest and relaxation.

While kids definitely can wear themselves out just by jumping around, playing on the indoor hoop, and going down the slide in a Castle Combo Rental, there are some other really fun games you can play. These games are played within the bounce house and can keep your kids entertained and organized for hours (so that you don’t run into any excessive horseplay issues).

The following are five incredibly fun games for your kids to try out at your next bouncy house party:

  1. Musical Bounce and Freeze – There are a number of different ways to play this game, but the simplest is to set up some outdoor speakers near the bounce house and play a song while the kids jump. As soon as the music stops playing, everyone needs to stop bouncing. Any child that keeps bouncing after the music stops should exit the bounce house on the slide. The last child left in the inflatable wins! If you don’t have music, don’t fret – simply have the supervising adult yell “Green Light!” to start the jumping and “Red Light!” to signal the kids to stop. Your kids will love it!
  2. Crabby Balloon – For this game, you’ll need to have some balloons. Have the children lean back until they are on all fours (also known as the crab walk), and then have them try to kick their own balloons until they hit the ceiling. If the kid’s bottoms hit the floor, have them exit out of the bouncy house through the slide. Either the first kid to hit the ceiling with their balloon or the last one left (whichever comes first) is the winner!
  3. Sequence – This is a great game to get kids’ minds involved. This is a memory game that exercises both their brains and their bodies. Start with one child as the leader. The first child should come up with an action and do it in front of the group. The other kids in the group should then repeat it. The next kid in line should then perform the stunt of the first kid, and then add their own stunt right after. Everyone else in the group should repeat the two actions. The third child would then add a third stunt into the sequence. Anyone that forgets to perform the right sequence has to exit out of the slide. As always, the last child left is the winner!
  4. Tumble Race – This is a fun one to really tire the kids out! This is also a game that is meant for small kids. The rules are extremely simple. Have all of the kids line up on one side of the bounce house (make sure you don’t have too many kids at once – this is to avoid any injuries!) and have one parent yell “Ready, Set, Go!!” The kids should then get down and somersault across the house as fast as they can, touch the wall, and then somersault back. The first child back to the starting side wins. Be sure that your groups aren’t too large and that you monitor each race!
  5. Balloon Frenzy – Last but not least, try out the “Balloon Frenzy” game. All you need to do is fill up a few garbage bags with inflated balloons. Once the party starts, dump all of the balloons into the bounce house and let the kids go crazy! They will love it and likely play with the balloons for hours on end.

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