Keeping Bounce Houses Cool in Summer

Who doesn’t love a party in the summertime?  The grass is green, the temperature is warm, and the blue sky just beckons us to come out and play. For a kid, a summer birthday party with a bounce house rental really just can’t be beat.  Spending hours jumping around, climbing up walls and sliding down the slide on a bouncy house not only can make the party a success, but can be a highlight of a kid’s summer vacation before they go back to school.

That being said, there are always some things you’ll want to be prepared for when you rent a bounce house in Utah to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. With record breaking temperatures going on along the Wasatch Front, you’ll want to make sure you keep your Bounce House rental in Layton, Ogden or Salt Lake as cool as possible for your kids.  Not all bounce house rental units are “wet” units, meaning that you aren’t supposed to douse them with water.  These “dry” units are typically much cheaper to rent than the “wet” units, and can be much more affordable for a day-party with the kids. If you are looking into “dry” bounce house rentals, then here are some great tips to follow to make sure your kids stay out of the heat.

Timing is Everything

Obviously, the best way to beat the heat in the summer is to pick a time that eliminates the hottest part of the day.  Typically the hours between 2 and 6 o’clock end up being the very hottest.  With temperatures at or over 100 degrees, almost anything is going to get hot when left out in the sun.  Try planning a birthday party for the morning time or sometime after 6:30.  Morning will probably be coolest, but since a lot of moms and dads work during the day, this might not always be a feasible option.  Opting for a little later in the day might pose some hurdles for scheduling with other kids, but it will definitely keep temperatures in check in and around the bounce house rental.

Location, location, location

The next thing to consider is where you are physically going to set up the Utah bounce houses rental.  While most bounce houses could technically be setup on asphalt, DO NOT do this!!  Kids can burn their feet on the asphalt and the heat from the ground will easily translate up into the actual bounce house.  For the coolest results, try to make sure you set up the bouncy house on the grass.  Aside from that, try to find a spot that has a little shade!  Trees and buildings offer some natural shade and placing the bounce house near them can be helpful.  Our inflatable rentals also come with a 100 ft extension cord which gives you much more room to work with.  If your home doesn’t have grass or any shaded areas, you might consider taking the bounce house to the park and plugging into an outlet in a park gazebo and setting up the bounce house there.


Hide the Slide

As an addendum to the above tip of where to place the bounce house, try to make sure the slide is the portion of the bounce house that is not directly facing the sun.  The rest of the bounce house has some shade built in with the netting around the sides but the slide is the most exposed and is prone to get the hottest.  Even if you don’t have the bounce house set up in a spot that has natural shade from trees or buildings, just make sure the slide is being shaded by the rest of the bounce house and you’ll be fine.

NOTE:  Even without any shade the bounce house is still fine to be played in!  The surfaces can just get a little hot, which isn’t ideal for smaller kids.  To be safe, follow the tips above to keep your bounce house rental as cool as possible.

Stay Cool, Utah!

Take advantage of these tips the next time you rent a bounce house in Ogden, Layton or Salt Lake City. Your kids will be grateful and you’ll be an expert for the next kid’s birthday party that you end up throwing.  For more information on bounce house rentals in Salt Lake, Layton or Ogden, please visit our online booking page.  We look forward to helping you out with your next Utah party rental!


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