Requirements for Power and Location:

In order to keep the bouncy house inflated, you’ll need to utilize the electric blower. This should be running continuously while the bouncy house is in operation. You can plug the electric blower into a standard household outlet (110v) that is within 100 feet of the inflatable. We provide the electrical extension cords for your convenience, free of charge.

The ideal placement for the bouncy house is in a flat, grassy area. Make sure to clear an area at least 5’ wider than the house you are setting up and that you remove any rocks, twigs, or other debris. The bouncy house can also be set up on concrete, tile or asphalt but you will need to place a tarp down first. This is to protect the bottom surface of the inflatable. You will need a 20’ overhead clearance level and should use stakes or sandbags to keep the unit anchored and secure during the event. If you are planning to put the bouncy house up in your yard, please do not water the grass the morning of the event.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior to your event, Let’s Jump Utah will issue a full refund. Otherwise, a $25 penalty fee will be kept since our chances of renting out the bounce house again for that day are very low.

Bad Weather Policy:

Let’s Jump Utah reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to extreme weather conditions. In the event of a cancellation due to bad weather, Let’s Jump Utah will refund your reservation in its entirety. Bad weather is defined as rain, hail, thunderstorms, snow, temperature under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and any winds above 20 mph. If bad weather arises, we will call you the morning of the reservation and a decision will be made.

Cleaning Policy:

We expect there to be a reasonable amount of dirt or grass tracked into the bouncy house over the course of normal play. That being said, if the bounce house unit is dirtier than usual when returned, a cleaning fee of $25 per hour will be assessed.  This would apply to any mud, food, drinks, stickers, sand or any bodily fluids.

Pick-Up/Drop Off Policy:

Since we don’t currently offer the option for us to deliver and install the bounce house unit for you, you’ll be responsible for taking care of the unit.  When you reserve the unit online, you’ll select a time to come and pick up the bouncy house.  PLEASE come on time.  If you are held up for any reason, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Upon arriving at the appropriate location to pick up the unit, you’ll be given a few forms/waivers to fill out and sign saying you understand the safety, maintenance, and operational guidelines.  We will then help you load the bounce house unit, electric blower, tarp, stakes, hammer, and the extension cord.  You’ll then be responsible for taking the unit to your desired location for the event.

Once your event is over, you’ll need to return the unit and ALL its accessories. If any accessories are missing, you will be charged full price in order to replace them.

The drop off time will be determined at the time of pickup.