Rental Agreement

Utah Bounce House Rental Agreement

This is a rental agreement, referred to herein as “Contract”, and your signature on this Contract and/or payment of money and/or taking possession of any Let’s Jump Utah, LLC’s accessories, equipments or products, referred to herein solely as “Product(s)”, is evidence of your acceptance of the Contract and your intent to use the Product(s) received. This Contract is made and entered by and between Lets Jump Utah, LLC, referred from herein solely as “COMPANY”, and the undersigned “Renter.”

1. OWNERSHIP: Renter agrees to keep all Product(s) in his/her custody and not sublease, rent, sell or remove from the delivery location. Renter agrees not to remove, disassemble, or uninstall Product(s) from its setup location or to install any Product(s). Renter assumes responsibility for ALL Product(s) rented from the time of pick-up to the time of drop-off. Renter agrees to maintain any and all Product(s) rented in its original condition from the time of delivery, any alterations or attachments will result in additional fees subject to COMPANY’s discretion. Items forbidden in Product(s) include but are not limited to any and all liquids, sprays, foods, breakable objects, and sharp objects. If any such objects are found and cleaning is required, a minimum of $25/hr fee shall be imposed. Renter is also responsible for repair fees.

2. RENTAL PERIOD AND PAYMENT: In the event the Product(s) is/are not returned at the said date and time, the appropriate daily rate shall apply for each day that the Renter maintains possession of Product(s). Renter authorizes COMPANY to submit for payment on any credit card(s) provided by Renter as form of payment on all amounts owed. If the unit is not dropped off by the end of the day it is due to be returned, criminal charges may be filed.

3. DELIVERY/PICK UP: No delivery option is available. Renter is responsible for pick up and drop-off. Renter acknowledges that COMPANY is not responsible for any damages caused by Product(s) during loading and unloading of Product(s) into Renter’s vehicle, as well as during transportation. COMPANY will strive to accommodate Renter’s pickup requests stated, however, changes in the schedule are sometimes unavoidable, and therefore, COMPANY does not guarantee pickup time specified by Renter will always work. In the event that there should be any changes to the pick up times specified, a COMPANY representative will notify Renter as soon as possible. Renter agrees not to hold COMPANY and/or COMPANY representatives responsible for any damages to customer’s property during the course of setup. Renter must return Product(s) to pre-determined location as established by Renter and COMPANY representative at time of pickup. Renter is responsible for the condition of all Product(s) rented. If any Product(s) are missing or damaged, Renter will pay full price in order to replace them.

4. WARRANTY: COMPANY warrants and Renter agrees that the Product(s) rented is/are in good working condition upon delivery and Renter further warrants that it will be returned in the same condition, notwithstanding ordinary wear and tear. The Product(s) is/are supplied and maintained subject to this warranty. COMPANY obligation under this Contract is limited to repair or replacement of Product(s) when COMPANY determines that it does not conform to this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied, and all obligation and liabilities on the part of COMPANY for damages including, but not limited to, consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of Product(s). If any problems or malfunctions occur with any of the products you rented during the course of your rental period, you must contact COMPANY IMMEDIATELY so we can address the problem.

5. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Renter agrees to hold FULL responsibility in ensuring safe operation of COMPANY equipment, to follow any safety rules posted on Product(s) and/or verbally given, and to supervise the Product(s) rented and any and all participants. Renter understands and acknowledges that any activity in connection to Product(s) brings both known and unanticipated risks that could result in property damage, physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death or other damage or injury to participants. Those risks include but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing and colliding. Renter understands such risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity. Renter agrees to release, forever discharge and hold harmless COMPANY, including its officers, employees and/or agents from any injury, damages or claims that result from Renter negligence including any injuries, claims or damages asserted by Renters guests, invitees or third parties. Renter agrees to report any damage, injury or claim to COMPANY within five (5) days of the reservation date; failure to do so will result in negligence from Renter and release of any liability or responsibility from COMPANY. Further, Renter agrees not to hold COMPANY, including its officers, employees and/or agents liable or accountable for any costs arising out of or in connection to attorney’s fees and/or claims brought up in court involving the use of any Product(s). COMPANY shall indemnify and hold harmless, Renter, its employees, executives and agents from and against any and all damages, liabilities, claims, costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, etc. incurred by Renter directly or indirectly, in connection with the rental of the above named rental equipment and/or attraction or attractions due to negligence of COMPANY.

6. WEATHER POLICY: During periods of severe weather condition(s), arising out of but not limited to rain, hale, lightning, high winds (over twenty miles per hour), intense heat, and fire, the Product(s) must be evacuated immediately and electricity must be turned off. COMPANY reserves the right to cancel the reservation or end rental term at any time during severe weather condition(s). In instances where severe weather condition(s) arises after delivery/setup has taken place, COMPANY has the right to end the reservation/rental term and no refund will be given. Renter agrees to release, forever discharge and hold harmless COMPANY, its officers, employees and/or agents from any injury, damages or claims resulting out of or in connection to severe weather conditions and/or Renters negligence to follow rules regarding weather policy.

7. CANCELLATION POLICY: Renter agrees to notify COMPANY forty-eight (48) hours prior to the rental date of any cancellation or postponement. If Renter cancels any reservation within forty-eight (48) hours of the rental date, in whole or in part, COMPANY has the right to apply a $25.00 cancellation fee.

8. ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Renter acknowledges that sufficient time and opportunity were given to read this entire Contract, and understands its contents and is executing it freely, intelligently and without duress of any kind and agrees to be bound by its terms. Renter acknowledges that COMPANY has made their best effort to supply all information to Renter regarding safety, operation instructions, and checklists regarding the Product(s) rented. Renter also acknowledges that he/she has had sufficient time to understand all safety and operation instructions and has also taken the time to instruct all users and their parents of such safety issues. Renter agrees that if any portion of this Contract is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining portion shall remain in full force and effect. Renter acknowledges that by providing his/her signature, he/she is agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Contract.