Say “Goodbye” to Boring Parties and get a Bouncy House Rental!

When planning a party for kids, a mother’s worst nightmare is that it will be boring. So how can you combat the boredom in order to ensure that your little guests have a fun and memorable time? Here is a tried and true formula for party success:

Get the Word Out

Letting people know about your party is extremely important if you want the party to fun. Parties are typically boring because not enough people show up, so to avoid this, make sure to get invitations out that clearly show what the party will entail.

For example, if your party will be featuring a bouncy castle, make sure to make that very clear on the invitation so that the children know exactly what to expect. This will help the children to remind the parents of the upcoming party, thus increasing the probability of more attendees.

Easy Finger Foods

There are two main things that make kids grumpy, which is either being tired or hungry. While you can’t really control the tired part, you can however obliterate the hungry factor.

One simple fact of life is that kids are messy, really messy. In order to keep spills and messes to a minimum, picking non-messy finger foods for the party is a must. Finger foods allow kids to be able to feed themselves and feel independent while relieving your stress with minimal risk for messes.

Activity Centerpiece

Kids seem to have an infinite source of energy, so keeping them busy and entertained during the party is essential for party success. If the activity is physical in nature, it can keep kids entertained and happy for hours, which in turn can be a relief to the adults who also attend the party.

One of the best ways to allow kids to burn some of that ceaseless physical energy is by renting a bounce house for your next party. A bouncy house rental is the perfect activity centerpiece activity as it allows children to play together, have fun, and stay entertained hours on end.

As you can see, making a fun party has a few simple factors that must exist in order to keep the kiddos happy and entertained. Let us make your life a little easier when planning your next party by booking one of our inflatables online. Our easy to use booking system allows you to see at-a-glance which days are available for our rental bouncy houses in Layton, Ogden or Salt Lake City.


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